Digitaliseren is niet hetzelfde als digitale transformatie

door Marco Derksen op 3 april 2021

Voor vakgenoten al lang geen nieuw inzicht meer, maar voor veel organisaties nog steeds een eye-opener: digitaliseren is niet hetzelfde als digitale transformatie. Deze week in HBR het artikel Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation van Paul Leinwand en Mahadeva Matt Mani van PwC waarin ze het verschil tussen digitalisering en digitale transformatie nogmaals duiden:

Bron: HBR Staff/NASA

Digitizing is mostly about enabling business as usual and “staying in the game,” while Digital Transformation is about building real, long-term competitive advantage to succeed.

Het gaat meer dan ooit om klantwaarde creëren:

Reimagine your place in the world, instead of focusing on digitizing what you already do. Companies that transform for success in the digital age define their reason for being in terms of the bold value they create for their customers (and their customers’ customers), and why. They take advantage of new technology not to copy what everyone else is doing, but to advance their own missions by investing in the differentiating capabilities that allow them to deliver on their purpose. Filling their new place in the world with life often requires them to shed old business models, assets, and beliefs about value creation.

En dat doe je niet meer alleen, maar in ecosystemen samen met anderen:

Successful companies in the digital age recognize that the way to remain relevant comes from working together with an ecosystem of players in order to deliver the ambitious value propositions that customers want and to quickly innovate and scale up the incredible capabilities that are needed. Operating in this way requires leaders to think about value creation more boldly, question what their organization must truly own, and be prepared to open up to competitors and give up traditional sources of revenue in order to address some of the most fundamental customer needs.

Waarbij je dus moet afvragen wat dit betekent voor jouw organisatie:

Re-imagine your organization to enable a new model of value creation, rather than asking people to work in new ways within the confines of the old organizational model. Winners in the digital era break up old power structures so that new ideas and capabilities can be scaled more collaboratively. They put in place outcome-oriented teams tasked with collaborating across the organization and work with their ecosystem partners to deliver the differentiating (and often cross-functional) capabilities they need to win.

Het artikel eindigt met een quote van Peter Drucker:

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Now is the time for executive teams to step up, disrupt themselves, and become leaders in the digital age.

Een aardig artikel met Philips, Komatsu en Microsoft als voorbeelden van succesvolle digitale transformaties.

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